Tuesday, July 20, 2010

25 Astonishing Facts About the Husband

It's 25 facts that will blow your mind about the man I married.

1. He is a first born just like me with one younger brother just like me.
2. His favorite food is a rare steak. Duck would be a close second.
3. He is hopelessly addicted to World of Warcraft but has been clean and sober (not playing) since the Spring of 2013.
4. He is an avid reader. His favorite book is A Game of Thrones.
5. He mindlessly hums when he drives a car in reverse.
6. He's 100% white boy. Cannot tan, dance or wear bright colors.
7. He was raised in a strict pentecostal home.
8. He did not hear rock music till he was 13 years old.
9. He has the best sense of humor. He makes me laugh everyday.
10. Thanks to this guy, he confirmed the Truth for his life.
11. He snores. Bad. He has lost close to 100 pounds and no longer snores!
12. He carries a blackberry on his belt for work.
13. He loves to nap.
14. He collects boardgames, his favorite is Talisman.
15. He hates to shop, clean toilets or do laundry. I guess that's why he pays me to stay home. =)
16. When we went on our Mexico cruise in 2009, he gained 12 pounds in those 8 days.
17. He has owned four cars over a ten year period.
18. It's not hard for me to get a date night with him. He'll see any movie, anytime, anywhere.
19. He's a natural born electrician.
20. He doesn't really have a sweet tooth. The way to his heart is that savory animal flesh.
21. He's been skydiving.
22. He is a master at air guitar. Seriously.
23. He's a nervous throat clearer. I think it's cute.
24. He prefers British TV over American.
25. He's the fastest two finger typer in the West. Err, South.


RollerScrapper said...

Is that for bb usage on a real computer? B/c If he types hunt and peck style on the computer, I have never ever noticed! and in honor of "Big D", a fact that I wouldn't have known without him, Special K loves Air Supply and the Big D will sing it Karaoke style for him anytime :)

In his honor we sang "lost in love" but substituted the word duck for love...and the first verse is the best.

"I realized the best part of duck is the thinnest slice"

Alison said...

I was thinking it was "I'm all out of duck, I'm so lost without you." but that might be a different Air Supply classic. =)