Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A Bathroom and other stories

A Bathroom and other stories, originally uploaded by A!ison.

This bathroom is officially complete. I needed the brown rug to finish it off so this afternoon I went to Bed, Bath and Beyond and just got 'ur done. I gotta say, I should head out for an errand or two every day because I end up with a plethora of blogging material.

After BB&B I stopped in Pier One... nothing special in mind, I just love to browse. Was over by the candle holders and crawling on the floor was a giant cockroach with wings. Floridians say if it's inside it's a cockroach; if it's outside it's a plametto bug. Well this cockroach was big compared to the ones in San Diego and the horrible thing is, I know this was a small one by Florida standards.

After Pier One I went to a store called Family Dollar. Don't ask me why it's called that because the items they sell are not $1. Anyway, I was looking for square bins for the laundry room. I found dish soap, flashlights and a can of pringles instead. So I'm standing at the checkout and a woman comes up behind me to get in line. She starts telling the cashier the she had to get these crackers for her man. Imagine in the worst southern accent "We love Dollar General crackers. We gonna eat us a snack before dinner. We havin' deer meat." Seriously folks, I thought I was being punked. She was buying Ritz crackers for crying out loud. Does this woman know that Ritz can be bought at just about any place of commerce? What's this "we love us some Dollar General crackers"? THEY'RE RITZ! Also, the place is called FAMILY DOLLAR! As I was waiting for Ashton Kutcher to come out from behind the counter to tell me I just got punked, I noticed the woman had a missing tooth AND I was near the town of Bithlo which apparently is the hickest, most teased area in Orlando. That's when I knew this was no joke. Oh boy.

And lastly, I stopped at the grocery store. Needed mayo and that's when I noticed they don't carry Best Foods mayo although I bought a jar two weeks ago. It's called Hellmanns and it looks just like Best Foods. The funny thing is, when I bought the mayo two weeks ago I didn't even notice the name on the front, I bought it because it looks like the brand I always buy, same color lid and everything. I'll have to keep my eye out for things like that and report to you on them. Why in the world does this company have two different names? You'd think it's a tax and paperwork nightmare. But I don't think Best Foods/Hellmanns is the only one out there. Crazy dumb if you ask me.


Duane said...

Doesn't Dreyer's or Breyer's ice cream have a different name?

Brandi said...

ha ha ha ha ha love the stories!!! Sounds like the more things are different the more they are the same..

RollerScrapper said...

Lol at your story! Alison one day I will need you to redecorate for me, I always love how you furnish your rooms!

Dreyers = Edy's on the east coast
and I believe Carl's Jr = Hardees
oh and of course Best foods and Helmanns...I had never heard of best food until I moved here :)

Connie R. said...

Because only those southern hicks are allowed to use "hell" in the name of their foods.

Bathroom Vanities said...

Funny! :)) I wonder how much do the products from Family Dollar cost.