Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cloud Gazing

Cloud Gazing, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I am a cloudgazer. Didn’t know I was one till I arrived here in Florida. I’m probably going to loose a few of you readers because clouds are just… ordinary. I mean, how many times can one post about clouds and it continue to be interesting?

But none the less, I’m posting the beautiful sky that was over my head today. This is the view outside my kitchen window. I thought the clouds were extra splendid.


Anonymous said...

I love them. A typical SD summer is solid blue skys (though the marine layer this season has been anything but typical) so I welcome clouds too! Remember as a young girl (you know, horse and buggy days) of laying in the grass and looking at the clouds and finding pictures in them.

So find pictures my friend and enjoy them!!!!!Vic

PJ said...

Love the new layout and design and the BFF thing...you are so very creative. I also love your new approach to blogging. The scone entry blew me away. It's funny how we go BIG then we go small, we go superfical then way intimate. Coolest journey I have been on in like forevah...

Alison said...

The clouds here are always low and puffy like this one. Even after a rainstorm, you have the high hazzy clouds with these underneath. So beautiful.

Thanks Pammie. I really love your blog. Your writing is fatastic and I have enjoyed watching it all evolve.