Saturday, July 10, 2010

Cocoa Beach Part II

Cocoa Beach Part II, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Drove 42 miles east to the Cocoa Beach Pier with my honey and my other honey. :) On the way we passed the cruise ship terminal and saw a Carnival Ship at port!! Oh how I long for the day we board another one! Anyway, at the pier we paid $10 to park. It was Saturday so it was a little more crowded than yesterday. On the way to the beach, the sand was so hot my husband's toes got blisters! Ouch!

We found an awesome spot right next to the lifegaurd station. It's good because no one would be able to set up camp on the lifegaurd side of us so we didn't feel crowded. The weather was hotter than yesterday which made that ocean water feel even more refreshing. Outside the water the two whities stayed under the umbrella while our guest laid in the sun. Today's picture shows the guest's glistening skin. He was just dripping! We stayed at the beach over 3 hours then headed home.

For the ride home we thought we'd try to get back by memory. Well that turned out to be lame... we made a wrong turn so out came the GPS. It shouldn't have been that hard to remember, it's a pretty strait shot but I guess we are old and can't remember or all three of us are directionally challenged.

After a nice shower we ate dinner at Miller's Ale House. For dessert we had SOUTHERN red velvet cake. Don't ask me what made it southern but I'm here to tell you, it was delicious! And I thought of my Linds the entire time I ate it.

After dinner we drove around our neighborhood and stopped to look into foreclosed home's windows. Some of the homes would have gone for $800K to a $1M back home. I'm tempted to call that sweet Orlando realtor to find out how much some of these homes are going for! After our drive we came back home long enough to say goodbye.

I am soooo thankful my other honey came and visited. It was short but not lacking in quality. I did not realize till I saw him that I was yearning for a familiar face. On Monday we will have been in Orlando three weeks exactly and I'm kinda stunned that we really don't know anyone here. I'm not going to run into an old high school friend or someone from my church family or a past co-worker at WalMart! And I guess that's really trippy to me. But I digress. I was happy to see him and spend such a good time with him. On top of that he motivated me on so many different levels and in all the right ways. I am so blessed to have him in my life!


Two things...

One, Saturday night or should I say Sunday morning at 2AM I was awoken to bumpin music coming from a car that sounded like it was parked in my backyard. After some investigating, I found the car to be parked in front of my house and what seemed to be a block party that we obviously were not invited to. There must have been 15 people walking down the street! After peering through my window for less than 5 minutes, two sheriff cars pull up and start shoeing the people away. I couldn't sleep the rest of the night. All I kept thinking was that we had made a mistake and picked the wrong neighborhood. Well, on Sunday afternoon I go out front to collect the red party cups littered on our front lawn and my neighbor is out washing his truck so I ask "Are those kind of parties normal around here?" and to my relief he said that he has lived at this house for seven years and NEVER in those years had he seen anything like what happened last night. Only time will tell. And oh, my husband slept through the entire thing.

And two, my other honey got so sunburnt sitting in that beach sun for two days that when he hit the top of his head while on the plane going home, a flap of skin just tore back as if it was tissue paper. Ewwwwwww!!!! Poor thing.


Brandi said...

Sounds like you had an awesome visit! (minus the blisters and sunburnt skin) I can't believe its been 3 weeks already!! I look forward to your blog everynight..thx for sharing!! XO

Anonymous said...

Am so happy that John's visit was such a great one.....was saddened that I was not being a very good friend in offering encouragement and motivation to you also. No excuse.....was just caught up in your postings and all the cool stuff you write and photo but lacked being that friend for you if you needed one now. So...encourage up, friend....let's start making goals; plans for your new life there....check our churches, check out adult classes (you know fun stuff like cooking, gardening, home decor, web design...all the fun things that you love. Friends are waiting and I know they will be estatic when they meet you! They will be the lucky ones!!!! Love and miss you. Vic

Lindsey said...

Your beach pics are soo fun! And I am soo glad John came to visit. So I wonder what makes the red velvet cake southern?! Now I want some! Love and miss you!