Tuesday, July 20, 2010

The Dining Room

The Dining Room, originally uploaded by A!ison.

This morning before the lazy bugs got ahold me, I was able to finish the dining room or more exact, the china hutch. I now have only books and board games to unpack. But that requires shelves of which we have none.

The projects now left on my list consist of organizing.

I have a million loose pictures. They all need to be categorized and boxed as well as scaled down. I'm 38 years old and if I live to be (God-willing) 80, I have 42 more years to lug around these pictures. So random pictures of the sidewalk or a mis-shot of blackness are going to be trashed. I have 10 photo boxes. I'm hoping to get everything to fit into 5.

I also have 13 (yes, I went back there and counted them just now) random photo albums. By random I mean there is no theme or era to them. They're just photo albums with pictures jammed into them. Do you know how heavy this photo album box was? Two MEN had to carry it in the house. Ridiculous! I know I will have to move a few more times and the nightmare of these albums i.e. what to do with them, how to store them, I don't even flip through them for ol' times sake... is something I'd like to eliminate.

I saved all the moving boxes that were in good condition. I know we will have to move again in a year, maybe 2 years and boxes aren't cheap! I just need to figure out how to store the boxes in the garage.

Speaking of the garage, it's about as organized as I can get it but I would like to lift some things off the ground like umbrellas, folding chairs, our Christmas tree, etc. If there happen to a flood in the garage, these items could possibly be damaged.

I also have some blog organizing to do! I'm working on a new look as well as some Project 365 challenges and a Florida giveaway. I also think we have a solution for my husband's pseudonym! But all this takes time to roll out. *Sigh*


RollerScrapper said...

Maybe you need to go digital and have a slideshow of your random album? :)

Lindsey said...

love the living room... especially how the table is not straight on! hehe Wow looks like you have a couple fun projects to do! Good job! I am jealous!

Rev Roo said...

I M I S S Alison!!!!