Friday, July 16, 2010

The Heat

The Heat, originally uploaded by A!ison.

How heat changes a person:

Powder is your friend
Lotion is your enemy
Makeup is a waste
So is
fixing your hair
Clothes are chosen for temperature control
Flip flops
are the cat's meow
And always PACK water in the car

I'll break it down. When I put lotion on and step outside, I become a slippery mess. It seems that my skin sweats worse when I have lotion on. It's terrible. I haven't put makeup on in weeks because a.) my sunglasses are constantly on and b.) when you take 3 showers a day, you wouldn't put makeup on either. The same goes for my hair. Plus it's growing like a weed and I have yet to find a hair stylist.

The biggest thing I've learned is, while I am out running errands it's impossible to keep/carry cool water. So I bought this cute sheet of blue ice and wrap a few bottles in it before heading out the door. Then I can enjoy cool water the entire day.

Lastly, I had to buy some house shoes. #29 on the 100 Things About Me list states that my feet sweat. Well, a change in demographics didn't change that. AND we have tile throughout the entire house so needless to say, it's very uncomfortable to walk on. I found a flip flop pair at JC Penny for $4!!


Brandi said...

Can I hear a woot for JCP :)

RollerScrapper said...

I have the same problem with lotion and heat...the second I put on face lotion it slides right off my face in the heat...and why do I wear it? For SPF of course, and when does it slide off? When it is sunny!