Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Photo Project

Photo Project, originally uploaded by A!ison.

The photograph sorting mission is underway. Made some serious headway this afternoon. So far I have managed to keep the photographs to five boxes as projected but now I am dismantling the photo albums and I’m afraid they won’t fit.

So tell me, is it totally sacrilege to toss photos? I mean, com’on, I’m looking at a picture of a pretty mountain or some random house I have not one clue about… why am I storing these? They bring no emotion when I view these pictures nor do I have any memory of them. I was also thinking why do I keep photos that are blurry or when you cannot see the person’s face?

Also, what do you think about throwing away negatives? I think I have as many of those as I do photos! If I want a copy of that random mountain side, I’d scan it, right? Who in their right mind is going to sort through all the negatives to find that one picture when today’s technology doesn’t even require a negative. We’re not talking mind-blowing professional images here; it’s like my 3 year old niece sitting by a pumpkin not looking at the camera or dime a dozen images of our various pets over the years. To say that one day I will want to duplicate or enlarge these photos is a major stretch.

My other big project is starting up Weight Watchers again. The Greek’s wife said she wanted to do it with me so we going to have our very own little WW meeting every week. I’m very excited to get back on the wagon. Because of the move we have been eating for convenience. I’ve also allowed myself to buy things that are major no-no’s like Ben and Jerry’s, chocolate chip cookies, chips, etc. Bad, bad.

If I loose the same amount of weight I lost in 2009, I will reach my goal weight. This idea is so obtainable to me, very motivating.

I found an awesome spreadsheet online which I am extra excited about. I wish I had this the first time around. I’ve got the laptop up and running and positioned in the kitchen for easy data entry.

Also watched the movie Food, Inc. People, watch this movie. You can visit this website to learn more about organic foods and the truth from the seed to the supermarket. It motivated me to make better choices in the grocery store. Also got me to finally look up a farmers market in my area which is Saturdays. Guess where I’m going on Saturday?


PJ said...

love your energy and motivation. can i recomend watching penn and tellers bullshit on the subject of organic food...funny and ya igirl

Anonymous said...

I KNOW you can match your 2009 goal and how exciting to have a "bud" weighing in with you!!!
Go, girl...go, girl! Vic

RollerScrapper said...

You're doing great! I think back and wonder why i've kept all those blurry pics that are *not* quite good enough...and I am too lazy to even delete them off my computer much less weed through them in real life!

Kudos to you on your new weight goals...I've gained 10 lbs in the past 2 months...gulp. Hopefully I can get back on track too!