Thursday, July 15, 2010

Puke and Skype

Puke and Skype, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Whew, what a day! Got up early to have breakfast with the Greek's wife. We walked into town and ate at this delicious bakery. Loved the iced vanilla latte so much I ordered a second! After breakfast we headed to the pool. The Greek's kids just had swimming lessons so we were pushing the oldest back and forth between the two of us. At one point Momma wanted the little one to swim to the side of the pool but she really wanted to swim to me. Ever stubborn, she swam in my direction which ended up being further then the side. When I lifted her out she came up gasping for air and then let out this deep belch. I knew that sound and rushed her to the side just in time for her to puke off the side. While I was trying to make sure nothing got into the water... not paying one bit of attention to her, only to the puke... she erupted; half off the side and half into the water. It was Old Faithful of raisins and cheerios. Needless to say, the three neighborhood boys that were swimming with us at the time abruptly headed home. =)

This evening I called my Momma. This whole time in Orlando I have not Skyped with her only because I was afraid seeing her face would make me very sad. Well tonight I broke down and Skyped and it turns out I had nothing to worry about. It was lovely to see her face and the Soft Soap Man! I even got to see Bella! Ahem, please ignore the empty Ben & Jerry's carton.


Today when I was driving to the Greek's house I saw a turtle the size of a pizza crossing the street. For a moment I thought of getting out to help the little guy cross the road but he seemed to be moving at a good pace. Plus, how the heck was I going to "help" him?


Brandi said...

They got some wild animals over there!! Frogs then turtles! We had a big thunderstorm roll through today and I immediately thought of you :)It was awesome...but rare as you know.

PJ said...

yeah for you. i love seeing people on your computer on my computer...that's awesome technology.

Anonymous said...

hey, whats up....I posted a comment and it "saved" on mine but doesn't show up!!! The frogs/toads did not like what I had to say.....but just reminding you that 2 become 4 really quickly....then 4 to 16, 16 to.....well, you do the math!!!! Actually, I don't know a thing about them other than we have a couple of really tiny ones in our ivy along our walkway and I think they help eat the insects....Love you girl....Vic