Monday, August 16, 2010

Carpet vs. Tile

Carpet vs. Tile, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I do not love the tile in our home.

It's hard to keep clean.
It makes the house echo.
You can't just plop down on the floor for whatever... watching TV, doing a large project, etc.
It's hard on your feet.

So we went to Costco and bought this area rug. After walking, sitting and laying on it; I've discovered I want carpet throughout the whole house and how much I really dislike this tile.

BUT! There are two reason I'm thankful for the tile.

1. It's easy to spot bugs, squish bugs and then clean up bug guts. BTW, our house is overrun with wolf spiders. We recognized their behavior and googled it. We kill about 3 a night. Seriously.

2. We rent this house and the thought of walking on a rented home's carpet disgusts me. I can scrub this tile clean and it's only Special K and mine's filth. It's harder to clean carpet. When we were looking at rentals in Orlando back in May we came across some carpeted rentals and they were nasty. This tile is one of the main reasons we chose this house.

So if carpet had a fight with tile, who would win?


PJ said...

my first thought after reading this is to set off a bug bomb and go to the beach. No More Spiders...btw, I think carpet would win. tile is the rock paper scissor thing. rock beats tile...carpet beats everything but scissors right?

RollerScrapper said...

I prefer tile to carpeting, b/c I have both and the carpet is just plain fact we're thinking of replacing the carpet with a different hard surface. I think area rugs are the way to go...the comfort of carpet but you can replace them far easier than wall to wall carpeting.

Alison said...

Hmm, good points all. I think you might be right about the replacement aspect of the area rugs.

Johnson Chad said...

I agree with Roller, I like carpet, but it wears and looks old and I always think it is dirty with a cat and dog. - The Captain