Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Costco Boogie Board

Costco Boogie Board, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Took a trip to Costco with the Greek's wife. I pushed the oldest in a cart while she pushed the baby in a stroller. Clearly the ratio is 1:1 when I tag along, a much easier ratio than if she battled Costco solo. Truth is, I'm happy to go along. I love her babies and find pure joy when I am with them. They are happy, affectionate children which are always the best kind IMHO.

While shopping I stumbled upon a boogie board. Everytime I venture to Cocoa Beach I wish for a boogie board. The problem is we owned 3 in San Diego and NEVER used them. We stored them for YEARS and when we moved we gave them away. I can see why Special K gives me roll eyes when I mention wanting one but we're visiting the beach way more than when we lived in San Diego. I couldn't resist. I put it in my cart and never looked back.

Who wants to go boogie boarding with me? I'm well equipped.


RollerScrapper said...

Costco boogie boards are the best. They are so inexpensive, but really high quality! You're making me think I should start a blog called the "giving dumpster". We have 3 boogie boards (that I know of, the captain may have more squirreled away). Two of them came from the giving dumpster...one is an el cheapo, but one I looked up and it retails for between 100-200 dollars. Don't worry it wasn't actually IN the dumpster, just sitting beside the giant housing that the dumpster is in.

Alison said...

The Giving Dumpster is an awesome name I have to say. You are so good with creative names!! We never did a facelift... maybe we can do it long distance. =)

RollerScrapper said...

I'd love that :)

Anonymous said...

I am rejoicing with you of the change of heart you have had here not just with this relationship but your processing with everything. I teaed up when you said ..." I love those babies and find pure joy..." YSM