Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Crimper Hoarder

Crimper Hoarder, originally uploaded by A!ison.

By the suggestion of a friend, I was told to watch Hoarders. Not because I have a serious problem with hoarding but because on some level we all hoard and the show touches on reasons why. Why keep that childhood toy? Why keep those old Christmas decorations? Why keep those papers?

When we moved out of our house in San Diego, I got rid of half of everything we owned. I no longer wanted to "store" CD's we never listen to, empty $2 terra cotta pots, VHS movies we never watch, empty photo frames I "might" use someday, books we'll NEVER read twice, kitchen appliances that collect dust, etc. etc.

I moved to Florida feeling pretty light. It's quite liberating to not be weighed down by stuff! But then our friends moved here and I saw how much stuff they had and all of a sudden I felt heavy again. How did they fit their entire life into a mere 18 boxes? So I asked and that's when I was told to watch Hoarders.

Stay with me here. I do have a point coming soon.

I also watched "Up In the Air" this weekend. If you have not seen it yet, rent it! I thought there were some great life truths in there. Basically, George Clooney's character, among other things, is a motivational speaker and uses this backpack analogy. Imagine you have a backpack. Fill it with everything you own and then he says this:

Think of all of the “stuff” in your backpack–the knickknacks, the books, the collectibles–the “stuff.” If your bag was about to get set on fire, what 5 things would you remove from it?

He goes on to say that if you chose pictures, pictures are for people who can't remember. Now, I don't necessarily believe this to be entirely true however, I do have a terrible relationship with my pictures and you can read about it here.

Ok, I guess here is my point... I think there comes a point when we no longer own stuff, it owns us and I'm talking emotionally and economically. It's an old cliché but a true one, we can't take it with us. There is NO WAY I could fit my stuff in 18 boxes. I have that many right now in the garage alone! But I'm on a mission to trimming the fat once again.

Which leads me to my Picture of the Day!

This is my hair crimper from 1988. Why people? Why am I keeping this? I can buy a brand new one for $14 on Amazon that is probably safer to use and I HAVE SHORT HAIR! Actually, I tried using it because we are going to an awesome 80's concert this Saturday but nope. I had as much luck crimping my hair as I have in getting Special K to remove Eminem and Marlon from our garage.


Anne said...

Alison - Seriously, you make me smile!!!

Anonymous said...

Now, I agree with you up to a point. When we let "things" become a priority, or let them take up so much of our time maintaining them, its a good idea to reevaluate. But sometimes, a glance at a special picture, a coffee mug, a scarf...something that was given to you brings back wonderful memories and your mind is filled with joy. So, there is a balance.....with that said.....dump that crimper!!!!! love ya, gal...YSM