Saturday, August 7, 2010

Disney World Epcot

Disney World Epcot, originally uploaded by A!ison.

With 10 Frozen water bottles and 6 frozen Gatorades, we headed out into the 89 degree weather to Disney's Epcot.

First ride was Mission Space. They had two choices, green team which is geared more for children and motion sick sensitive people and the orange team for thrill seekers. We asked the Disney worker if people generally get sick and he answered quickly 'oh ya'. The Disney worker beside him said 'look, go big or go home' so we went big.

While standing in line The Captain was giving the very worried Mrs. Captain a pep talk. He was all 'You're Mrs. Captain now! You're a new woman and you can ride these rides and not get sick and have fun! Us Captain's are tough and since you're a Captain, you can handle this!' At one point we asked one of the workers what we should do if we feel sick. He said to keep your head back, don't try to lift your head or look to the side and under no condition should you close your eyes. Good advice.

So we get in the ride. There were barf bags right there. Bad omen. I sat beside Mrs. Captain. So we have lift off and Special K and the Captain start screaming and yelling about the space controls and 'take her up easy' and all that geek space talk while me and Mrs. Captain are screaming because we are terrified. I yell to her to breathe! breathe! and she yells back thank you! I was forgetting! The g-forces were so strong I couldn't smile and to lift my head even if I wanted, would have been impossible. The ride comes to an end and no one puked!!! It was amazing! We walked off the ride laughing and shaking.

Next ride was the Ellen ride, some boring show about energy. After 30 minutes of sitting on this 'ride', I look over and the Captain appears to be sleeping. No kidding, it was that boring! Only he wasn't sleeping. I'll give you one guess what he was doing. Yep, he was puking... The Captain, coming from tough stock where no ride is too scary... The Captain, puking from the Ellen ride that's slower and more boring than It's a Small World.

So I went to the ride attendant. I didn't know what to do or how to help him. He wasn't moving and I was afraid new riders were waiting in the wings. The ride attendant, a DISNEY ride attendant tells the Captain, you got 3 minutes to get off or you ride again for 40 minutes. Later, we joked that the Captain should have thrown down his vomit filled hat at that point. I mean, thanks for the help ride attender man. We just saved you from having to call in the vomit police and this is what you say to a man with egg in his mustache?

The Captain manages to get up and we make our way to the closest bathroom. Poor guy.

We teased him relentlessly for the rest of the day. We thought it was so ironic that he tried building up his wife's tolerance to rides and he's the one who ends up hurling and on the Ellen ride no less.

Today's pic is these delicious soft raspberry candies we bought in Norway. Now if I had my choice, the most memorable part of the day is of course The Captain and the Ellen ride but who takes a pic of that AND who wants to see a pic of that? So the next most memorable are these candies. So there you have it.


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PJ said...

Wonderful post...advice for next time...bring ziplock bags...puke, zip, toss in the trash...xo

Alison said...

That is good advice! We were kicking ourselves for not grabbing the barf bag in the space ride but who knew he'd get sickin Ellen??? =)

Anonymous said...

great story....glad Special K was ok. The picture of the candy is so vivid; love it.....loved Epcot pics too; brought back memories...Clint had to get "monkeybutt"... you have to send him a comment about that and see if he ya, second mom

Brandi said...

Wow!! Loved your very descriptive post!! I think the Captain was made ill on the scary ride but was able to push through was the Ellen ride that put him over the edge! Glad you are having fun :)

RollerScrapper said...

Yummy raspberries! It *almost* makes watching the Norway movie worth it :)