Sunday, August 1, 2010

Finding a Church

Finding a Church, originally uploaded by A!ison.

When choosing a church to call our home church we are looking for a few attributes. These are not in order of importance.

1. We want dynamic worship music. Music that's going to immediately bring us into the presence of God. Music that's so enticing, it sheds all the distractions and gets to the heart of worshiping.

2. We want dynamic preaching. In San Diego, we saw our non-Christian friends drawn to the casual but relevant and strait forward preaching of Miles McPhearson. We loved his style. It was common to sit for 45 minutes and hear him preach and not realize so much time had gone by. You would not want to leave! And even more importantly, the lost loved it too. Which brings me to #3.

3. We want a church where we can bring our non-Christian friends. A place where they will feel comfortable, where WE feel comfortable bringing them!

4. This next one is a little crazy, but I'd really love a place that has a bit of a Pentecostal bend to it. No, I'm not talking speaking in tongues or slain in the Spirit. I'm talking Holy Spirit movement and people not being afraid to show It's movement, maybe with cheers or a raising of hands.

5. We want to become part of a church family. A place where we can connect with other Believers and start building family relationships. Being so far from home and all our family and friends, this is essential.

The first church we visited rated a half in #2 and #5. We were glad we went and if it were the only church in town, we would no doubt find pleasure in attending there. But it's not the only church in town, so we moved on to visit another church.

That brings us to this morning. Visited Discovery Church with worship beginning at 10:45 AM. Love love LOVED this church! Went for an hour and a half and didn't even know it till we got in the car. Met all our criteria except for #5 but we believe this is a new location for Discovery so all the people attending are probably fairly new. Not sure on this but I have plans to email the lead pastor at our location, I'm curious. It seemed to us that everyone piled in to worship then piled out to leave. It didn't leave us much of an opportunity to talk or mingle with others.

The lead pastor at Discovery preaches from a different location each Sunday (I believe). There are four locations. So this morning we watched the sermon on the big screen. He was so dynamic, you barely noticed it was a simulcast. Next Sunday he will be preaching from our location so that's why I believe he moves around. ???

As much as I loved this church, there is another in our area that I think we should try. Then we can know beyond a shadow of doubt where we belong.

So many of you have asked me about church via email or on the phone so I will keep you updated!!

In today's picture, I had planned to go outside and take a picture of my bible on the grass but as you can see, it's WET outside! We are having an epic storm! Lightening and thunder every 10 seconds or so. Special K has been laughing at me. He says that everytime we see lightening or hear thunder, I exclaim with a short "Oo!".

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Yay thanks for the update! Sounds like a good one! And the lightening and thunder "Ooo"s made me giggle! :)