Thursday, August 5, 2010

Florida Residents

Florida Residents, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Got up before the sun to get my driver's license today. Can I just ask, how in the world does an illegal alien get a driver's license? I had to show my passport, social security card, my California driver's license AND two proofs of residency. As Special K put it, we had to bring another car just to carry the paperwork!!

Turns out the Greek's wife got her new alien card just a few days ago and is now able to apply for her driver's license as well so we made it a community event!! So here we are... me, the Greek's wife and Special K showing off our officialness.

Have to say that the DMV is a great place to people watch. This guy with his little patch of "hair" walked in. You can't tell but he has it in a little ponytail. The Greek's wife turned to me and said 'let it go guy, let it go.' LOL!!!

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