Sunday, August 8, 2010

Red Velvet Love

Red Velvet Love, originally uploaded by A!ison.

People, I am addicted to red velvet cake. Went to Winter Park today which reminds me a little of North Park or downtown La Mesa. Visited the Tiffany Lamp Museum then walked down a block or so to a little café that made it’s own ice cream and cake. When I saw they had red velvet on the menu I had to order it. It’s not on my Weight Watchers plan but neither was the crepe I ate in France or the bag of red raspberries.

The cake was Texas-size and cost $7.50… bargain price if you saw the size of this thing! But in the name of art this is what you get to view.

For the first time since we have lived in Florida we woke up to an overcast sky. By the time we got to church, the sky unloaded. It poured while we ate in the café and stayed overcast till the sun went down. It actually made for a very pleasant day, heat-wise. But after Winter Park, we came home and vegged in front of the TV. It was a very nice, relaxing Sunday. I’m already use to the company of the Captain and Mrs. Captain. It’s going to be hard to see them go home.


PJ said...

I have never had red velvet...must try it soon. YUMM A!

Anonymous said...

Is it as big as Claim Jumpers Chocolate Cake? It looks sooooo good; cake is one of my weaknessesalong with pie, and cobblers, and scones, and cinammon rolls, and....well, you get the picture!!! Love ya, gal. Glad you are having a good visit with the Captain and his Mrs. Your second mom

Lindsey said...

I am addicted as well! Yum!

RollerScrapper said...

OMG so yum! The chocolate cake was 3 tiers but I swear it was very close to the "motherload"

Alison said...

RollerScrapper is right... very similar to the motherload. We will visit this place when you visit! =)

@PJ You need to get yourself some red velvet. It's so good!!