Friday, August 20, 2010

Sewing Bag

Sewing Bag, originally uploaded by A!ison.

After one hour of unjamming the bobbin, correctly threading the machine and one phone call to my momma on why the machine would not move the fabric forward, I was able to sew this bag! It's plagued with mistakes though so I'm anxious to make another! This the warm-up session that will lead to this very cute retro apron I want to make.

My mom is an expert sewer. She's made everything from clothing to quilts to alterations. I've watched her sew my entire life and she will be pleased to hear that after all these years, some things stuck. Sewing this simple bag made me miss her more than I already do.


I think we live near the Gaza Strip. For the past three or four evenings now, dark, dark storm clouds move in and rumble non-stop thunder. It seriously sounds like either a.) an earthquake is approaching or b.) Obama is throwing down some shock n awe in the next town over. Just a few weeks ago it would rain like clockwork around 2PM but lately it's been around 6PM. Sometimes the storm comes in roaring but doesn't drop a thing and then other times it unloads. Crazy fascinating weather I tell ya.


Anonymous said...

Sweetheart - I am so proud of you. I'm glad you got the machine to work. I love you - Mom

RollerScrapper said...

Adorable! I totally want to learn how to make a shirt, since I have this really cute hawaiian plumeria print. Of course the furthest I got was washing the fabric :-P