Monday, August 2, 2010

Shopping Day

Shopping Day, originally uploaded by A!ison.

At the risk of my Skinny Cows melting and me looking like a fool by any passer byer, I took this picture of my cart, my truck and the Super Target all in one shot.

We have a Super WalMart in town also but it's about four miles further AND it's a madhouse. Sometimes I'm just not in the mood to deal with WalMart. I know you feel me.

So this what I bought:

Clorox toilet scrubbers, $4.19
409 cleaner, $2.49
Toilet paper, $16.99
A Weight Watchers scale, $24.99
Organic carrot sticks, $1.79
Progresso Soup, $1.79
Mission tortillas (gag), $2.34
3 potatoes, $2.13
1 red onion, $1.31
3 zucchini, $3.60
Blueberries, $2.99
4 small bananas, $0.89
3 limes, $0.99
Red grapes, $4.10
Shelled edamame, $2.19
Peppermint mocha creamer, $1.77
Light sour cream, $1.79
Weight Watcher fudge bars, $3.94
Skinny Cow peanut butter and chocolate sandwiches, $3.99

What I learned by writing this all down:

First of all, I'm gonna start buying the TP at Costco... $16.99 is highway robbery! I would die for a decent tortilla. I have to pay $2.34 for nasty doughy "tortillas". It's a shame. The organic zucchini was $1.79 each. I only saved myself a $1.77 buying the non-organic. Lesson learned. Thank you Jesus, Super Target carries edamame! The shelled version is called Mukimame. Who knew? Peppermint mocha creamer in August? You won't see me complaining,

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