Friday, August 6, 2010

A Week in Pictures

These were potential Project 365 pictures that didn't make the cut or something I found intriguing.

This doesn't say Oroweat but it sure does look like Oroweat.

Look, clouds!

This was very ominous don't you think?

On our way to Jacksonville! I married a goofball.

OMG look, more clouds!!!

I want this like a crackhead wants his pipe.

The following pictures were taken at gift shops around town shopping for the Florida Giveaway. Can I just say now, who in their right mind would buy this junk?

1 comment:

Brandi said...

ha ha ha I LOVE these pictures!!! Are you sure the pig isn't from Tijuana? Any hoo..have fun w/ your friends and take lots and lots of pics!! XO