Saturday, August 21, 2010

Winter Park Farmers Market

Winter Park Farmers Market, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Visited the farmers market again this morning. Bought some South Carolina peaches and local yellow tomatoes. Made a quick stop into Whole Foods as well and picked up a fresh ciabatta loaf. Think I'll be mixing up some homemade bruschetta a little later. Yum!

I really miss Trader Joes. Closest one is about 450 miles north in Atlanta, Georgia. If I got better gas mileage I might consider the trek once a month. =) And when I think about my neighborhood Sprouts back home and then look at my local produce aisle here in Orlando, I just want to cry. I really took for granted the selection, quality and price.

When I got home from all my shopping I got a magnificent surprise... a Skype call the chic magnet. Oh how I love this guy! (don't tell my husband) Seeing his face made me miss him more. As much as I love Skype, NOT seeing people helps my heart a little. But we had a great conversation. He wanted to know about the alligators and told me about the jet plane he rode on to San Francisco. He really loved seeing himself on camera... was able to get a few screenshots:

Here he is giving me a kiss.

Posing with Auntie (my mom)

Showing me his pearly whites

Him and Bella


Anonymous said...

I loved talking to you this morning. I really miss you. Someday me and my dad are going to visit you. We will come on a jet. Auntie and me are going to go swimming this morning. I really like my Mickey Mouse pancakes this morning. I love you - Chick Magnet

Lindsey said...