Saturday, September 11, 2010

Agricola Day

Agricola Day, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Today was BOARD GAME DAY!!

Having marathon board game days with friends was something we did on a regular basis back home. We'd start at noon and end at midnight... serve two meals, a million snacks and beverages and play till you couldn't keep your eyes open. We had one of those days today.

But first let me tell you that our friends have decided on pseudonyms for Le Blogette. I have been calling them Mr. & Mrs. Motled which 1.) I always spell wrong and therefore is incorrect and 2.) only really represents one of them. So they have decided on Mo.Honey and T.Money, T$ for short.

My husband met Mo.Honey through work a few years ago back in San Diego. One fine summer day last year, we invited Mo.Honey and her very tall and very quiet boyfriend T.Money over to play board games. The fact that they brought duck to snack on AND played back to back board games didn't make it hard to become instant friends with them both. I mean, T$ has an iPhone and loves coffee, Mo.Honey blogs, they both are movie fanatics... these people are perfect! =) The day before we left San Diego, we were honored to witness the two marry. To make matters even more perfect, the Crooked Tiara family moves to Orlando and just two short months later they do too AND they live about three blocks away!!!! They have been a blessing to us. Everyday we grow to enjoy their company even more. They are the most generous and considerate couple I know. But I digress.

We had an awesome day today! Partly because I finally won at Agricola but also because it was a day spent with friends. The Greek and his wife joined us too!

We had CPK for dinner (can't go wrong there) and I brought dessert. I remembered that Mo.Honey loved my Fourth of July cake so I made it for her today.

Around sunset we decided to take a walk to get some fresh swampy air. It was a picture perfect evening, cool and breezy. We couldn't help but notice the humungous cloud in the West, similar to the cloud I posted yesterday. It was spectacular. Because the sun was setting behind this cloud it created this band of light that stretched across the sky as far as the eye could see. We called it a ray-bow. That cloud was so big it actually altered the color of the sky miles and miles away. As dusk faded into evening, the cloud became this lightening cluster. That cloud kept us sky-gazing the entire walk. It was remarkable.

Taken by T$

Pano of the cloud

The Ray-Bow


PJ said...

CPK? chicken papriKash???

motled said...

So happy they have California Pizza Kitchen in Orlando. :) And, thank you for the lovely words you wrote about us. We always feel so blessed to be able to spend time with you both and each. You bring meaning to our lives; you're our ins-pir-a-tion. :)

motled said...

Oh and we don't care what you call us.. as long as you call us! ;)

I do prefer lowercase "mo.honey".. if you dare. Love the Agricola photo! For an ex-gamer, I'm not embarrassed for the world to know that I got 1 point! LOL

Brandi said...

Sounds like to me Miss Alison that God hooked you guys up! Like I always say, Gods plan is always bigger than the one we have for ourself!" What in the world is Agricola btw??

Anonymous said...

Never saw that Agricola game before!!! Looks intriguing...and no, I am not a board game player but am glad you have a party group who loves this!!!!!!! November is coming and first mom will be there this week!!!! YSM