Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Atlantic Tortillas

Atlantic Tortillas, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Mom said "I want to stick my feet in the Atlantic!" so today we drove to Cocoa Beach. A cold, windy and rainy Cocoa Beach. There were also riptide warnings everywhere and the life guard flew a red flag (Hurricane Igor). But that did not stop us from completing our mission! Here you can see that my mom got to, in fact, stick her feet in the Atlantic Ocean.

We tried sunbathing cloudbathing for about an hour but the big rain clouds and the pelting little drops of rain cut our trip short. So we did what anyone else would do... we went shopping instead!

For dinner, we took a stab at our first attempt in making corn tortillas with the tortilla maker the Soft Soap Man sent me a few days ago. While I made the salsa, mom experimented with the dough. Let me just say the first batch was unsuccessful. Mom got so frustrated she announced to me that was not going to try to make another batch. I don't blame her... the kitchen had flour dust EVERYWHERE!

To make matters worse, about 20 minutes after making the salsa my fingers caught on fire. Well, not literally. I guess they came in contact with too much jalapeno juice. The web told me to dunk my hand in yogurt, milk or butter because the fat in these products will draw out the burn. Folks, I'm on weight watchers. I don't have ANY fat in yogurt, milk or butter! Lucky for me I found a low-fat yogurt in the back in the fridge and I'm alive today to tell you that it worked.

After a little research on the web we tackled tortilla making once again but with a different approach. Oh how I love the web! I'm going to save the step by step tortilla making instructions for a later day but I will say that we succeeded, extraordinarily. Had T.$ over for dinner and he said it was the "best meal" he's ever had. Thanks T.$!

Top=Good, Bottom=Bad

After dinner we took a stroll in the neighborhood and tried to get a glimpse of the Harvest Moon but we ended up just settling for the nice stroll.


RollerScrapper said...

Wow, you must really love corn tortillas to go through that torture! If you ever want me to mail you some I'd be happy to!

Alison said...

Thanks for the offer! I can't rely on people to supply me with my tortilla addiction!

mo.honey said...

WOW.. those tortillas look SO good; beyond my expectations. I might have to barter something for them so that we can have fresh tortillas on a regular basis.. Hmm what to barter.. a mosquito net attached to a hat perhaps? :)