Saturday, September 4, 2010

The day that never ended

The day that never ended, originally uploaded by A!ison.

WHAT A DAY! And the best part is we photo documented the whole thing! Well, most of it anyway.

Didn't know how crowded the beach would be being it's a holiday weekend and all so we got up at the crack of dawn and headed to Cocoa Beach, not before getting a Dunkin Donuts coffee for the road. Our roadmates were Mr. & Mrs. Molted. It sure is nice they live down street!

Once in Cocoa we stopped and had breakfast at the Waffle House. My brother would be so proud! After all the resistance I have to say it was surprisingly good. We knew we were close to some totally tubular waves considering the Waffle House patrons.

Mr. & Mrs. Molted (we had to be seated separately)

Remember that Hurricane Earl skirted our coast just a few days ago and boy could we tell! High tide was way too high, there were large pieces of seashell everywhere, the ocean floor was dangerously uneven, the under current almost killed Special K and there were rip tide warnings. Oh ya, and a GIANT seas turtle was washed up on shore dead as a doornail.

Sand crab I almost stepped on

But I got to ride my new boogie board and was able to catch ONE wave. Hey, I'm pleased with just one. I forgot how much work boogie boarding is!

After the beach and showers, we were shocked to see that our relocation reimbursement had been deposited into our account and you know what that means? TV shopping! We gave away all our TV's in San Diego. We've been watching TV on a computer screen! So the four of us got in the truck again and drove around town looking for the best TV deal. Good weekend to buy, right? But the funny thing is, Costco still had the best deal.

The first movie we watched on the new TV. This guy is Special K's man-crush.

After Costco we had dinner at Logan's. I guess they are famous for their yeast rolls. They were yummy.

After dinner we went to Friendly's for ice cream. Gluttonous day I know. Anyway, we got a little carried away with their "Happy Ending". I'll leave it at that.

At dinner I joked that this day seems like it will never end! It seemed like it was the marathon day but I guess that's what happens when you have the most awesomeness friends to share it with.


Duane said...

Waffle House AND Road House in one day? AWESOME!

RollerScrapper said...

I was just going to say..."is that road house?" Lol! And I haven't even seen that movie!

Alison said...

VIVA ROADHOUSE! =) Hey Big D... where is your photoblog of Hawaii? hehe

Brandi said...

The waffles looked so yummy but the dead turtle kinda freaked me out a lil bit! I kept thinking wouldn't Special K just freak if it miraculously came to life as he stood near it! Glad you have good friends to have such good timess with :)

Brandi said...
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motled said...

We love you so much Alison!!!