Sunday, September 26, 2010

Florida Lovebugs

Florida Lovebugs, originally uploaded by A!ison.

The Crooked Tiara family is UNDER ATTACK!

Today after church we stopped at Walgreens. Those dark specks in the picture are SWARMS of lovebugs. I made it in the store with a few clinging to me. AHHHHHHH! Now if you can see those specks from a picture, imagine how many there really was out there!

When we got home, it was whole new set of lovebug corpses in our entry way. INSIDE the house was a dozen or so, dead. We are surrounded!

So here's the thing... there is so much speculation about these bugs we don't know what to believe. They say these bugs were engineered to eat mosquitoes and I've read online that may not be true. Some say these bugs are now worthless because they do NOT eat mosquitoes, but I've read they are good because they eat dead vegetation. They say the swarming only last a week, some say a month.

What I do know is this:

they don't bite.
they are juicy. Merely flicking them could cause loveguts.
they don't wash off your windshield easily. Another possible myth is to wash them off with a damp dryer sheet. When the swarm dies down a bit I will test this out and report my findings.
their guts are highly acidic and cause erosion on the paint of your car.
they like lighter, brighter surfaces.
White, yellow, light grey cars are COVERED, the darker cars not so much.
they don't seem to be bad early in the morning or after dusk.

I added a lovebug countdown to the sidebar. Now we can see how long they really stick around!

BTW, my mom texted me when she got on the plane and said the lovebugs were INSIDE the plane!! Crazy!


Just Cowboy Boots said...

so i am pretty sure that "loveguts" is the name of my new band. haha. love it!

Brandi said...

Those bugs are freaky!!!