Thursday, September 16, 2010

Guest Airplane

Guest Airplane, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Our guest is arriving in exactly six and a half hours and the room is all ready for her. Don't have much planned but to just be with her. Can't wait to see her face!

You know what I was thinking about today? How much I miss the sight and sound of airplanes. In San Diego:
I lived near Gillespie Field,
no matter what part of town you lived in, you could always here the jets in Miramar and
commercial airlines were always passing overhead.

Here in Orlando there is a international airport but no flight paths cross our area. There is a small "executive" airport not far from us but I never see or hear Cessnas.

It's funny to me that I miss this.


PJ said...

Have a wonderful visit with your special guest. It made me cry when I read this post. Oh how I miss my girl.

Anonymous said...

what a beautiful guest room. Your mom won't want to come home....just kick her out in Nov cuz there are other guests on your list!!!!!

Have a great time mom and daughter! Love you both, YSM

Rev Roo said...

What a great guest room. Lovely...I am thrilled your guest gets to be with you! Enjoy every minute, she is pretty special and so are YOU!! xo

Brandi said...

Have the best time ever!!! Take lots of pics :) XO

RollerScrapper said...

I grew up near an airforce base, so I world feel weird if I didn't hear jets too! I'm just realizing that I've been used to hearing that noise all my life!