Saturday, September 25, 2010

Kennedy Space Center Pt II

Kennedy Space Center Pt II, originally uploaded by A!ison.

When you purchase an admission ticket, you get a second visit for free. So my mom gave Special K her ticket and we visited KSC again. But I'm jumping ahead of myself.

My momma left today, flew back home. I guess it couldn't last forever. On our last night I wanted to sleep with her just so I could be with her the last few hours she was here, even if it were just sleeping. I wish I had. I started missing her as soon as I got up this morning.

We ran her to the airport and just like that she was gone.

We headed back home to pick up T.$. He went with us to KSC! I had another awesome day there. Today's picture is of Special K standing in front of the Apollo. He's so cute. There is so much to see there that I found new information!

Special K touching a moon rock!

I'm bummed I was not in this... but still cute none the less. The guys may not think so but I do!

While walking the grounds we saw a gator!! He was mellow just wadding in the water... seemed harmless compared to those animals at Gatorland. =)


Anonymous said...

your thoughts on your mom are so sweet and sentimental. What a great relationship you two have; there is nothing better than the love of a mother and daughter (I can attest to that)

Love the Space Center photos too; hubby looks so intelligent!!!!! YSM

mo.honey said...

LOL.. love that photo of tyler and kelley. Very coolio! :) Can't wait to get my year pass and join you for next time. I love your mom too. Hope to be able to see her in SD before I jet back.

Brandi said...

crocs are another thing that FREAK me out!!! You are livin in the wild my friend!!

Connie R. said...

Reminds me of being in South Carolina... my brother-in-law, "What's that?" Referring to two eyeballs floating in the water. Me, "That's a gosh darn alligator!" ROFL just thinking about it. Ewwww... pass on all those pics.