Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Lovebugs and Plantains

Lovebugs and Plantains, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Mom and I got up this morning and headed strait for Joann's. This was bad because we had all morning to browse. Anyway, as we were checking out I looked out the window and saw a SWARM of lovebugs. I had noticed a few popping up here and there over the past few days but nothing like this! I'm not exaggerating when I say "a SWARM" as in, we walked through a cloud of them to get to the car. Once inside the car we had to combat the pests that came with us. It was HORRIBLE! As we were swatting and screaming we noticed this old lady pushing her Joann's cart to her car. She was like a bee charmer only with lovebugs. They covered her and her cart and she acted as if it was any other sunny day in Orlando. She actually looked over at us as if we were fools. I wanted to yell "Hey lady! You got bugs on you!". Maybe she was blind.

After our traumatizing bug incident, we met Special K for lunch. Mom got her first taste of cuban food. I'm sad to report that she did not care for the plantains. =(

As we drove home, it's like the lovebugs came out of nowhere. Ack! I think we'll be staying inside for awhile.


Brandi said...

Your visit with your Mom was a success I see :) Loved all the pics and one more lil tidbit..I joined Weight Watchers today. You and Pam were my inspiration! XO

RollerScrapper said...

Yuck! Make sure to wash them off your car! I hear their guys ruin your paint job if they are allowed to stay on your car too long in the got florida sun!

mo.honey said...

Gross.. the posts about the love bugs are making me _almost_ not want to come back.. but, of course, the biggest love bug of all will bring me back every time (Tyler).. :P Glad you posted.. lets me know what to look forward to.. eek!

Connie R. said...

Cracking up at you guys screaming and swatting -- that would be me. Except when my kids are with me, then I ACT brave.