Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Running Etsy

Running Etsy, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I must confess. I had nothing for my pic of the day. Not having material to shoot makes me feel like I'm leading an inadequate life. There should be SOMETHING interesting to photograph and when there's not, I'm like totally failing at living. I know that's a bit dramatic and I guess this melancholy post comes off of a day where I felt like I was running in place.

This picture is the left side of my desk. I measured aprons, preping the details for my Etsy shop. It's tedious work but I know once it's all in place, I'll be glad I had days like these.

BTW, Monday and Tuesday seemed to have less Lovebugs but today they were back in full force. That lady LIED! After seven days they are still here! T.$ just got back from Dallas and said it was nice to not have to combat the bugs. I'm so done with these flipping bugs.


Brandi said...

If it makes you feel any better, there is a stinkbug invasion Maryland! Apparently they live up to their name :) Hope the LB's are gone soon! XO

RollerScrapper said...

ooh your shop is totally going to rock!

PJ said...

i was telling friends about your bug bombardment and they told me to becareful of your car and its paint. something about the acid in the bugs "juice" can mess a car up. love you miss you.

Alison said...

You know, the Lovebugs have a smell to them too. Not as bad as stink bugs but still a smell. Kinda earthy, I can't explain it. @Pammie, thanks for letting me know about the paint. Locals are quick to warn about the paint issue. The lines for the car washes are crazy! @RS thanks for the encouragment.

Lindsey said...

I want an apron!! :)