Sunday, September 19, 2010

Sudoku Momma

Sudoku Momma, originally uploaded by A!ison.

We had another action packed day but like most excellent days, I forgot to snap a pic for Project 365. Yes, I’ve been snapping a photo every day for nine months now and still manage to forget. BTW, I was thinking the other day what my life will be like after Project 365 and I’m kinda sad to think of it without it. But I digress.

This morning we had AWESOME worship. Sung some powerful songs and heard a good message on the importance of attending church. Met the campus pastor for the first time too. Half way through church it sounded like the roof was going to cave in and I turned to mom and told her it was rain. She shook her head and said “Naw, I bet it’s the air conditioning.” After church we saw that it wasn’t the air conditioning. I’m a little bummed that she missed actually witnessing the downpour.

Like all good Sunday afternoons, it involved a good lunch and a nap.

For dinner we were invited over to the Greek’s house for a BBQ. The Greek’s wife made a delicious greek salad with tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, onions and avocados. Mmm, mmm good. The Greek ran out of propane and had to cook the burgers on the stovetop but my mom said they were the best homemade burgers she’d ever had!

Once home and settled, I realized I was photo-less. To all my Project 365 peeps… you know what I’m talking about when you get that tinge of panic that comes over you? Anyway, my mom (like good mom’s do) offered up a million solutions of what I could do but in the end I thought “I want a picture of her because I don’t even have a choice to photograph her 182.5 days out of the 365!” So here she is doing her puzzle in my FLORIDA living room.

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