Monday, September 6, 2010


Toenail, originally uploaded by A!ison.

It's been raining most of the day. Of course, we decided to run a few errands at the peak of the rain. We are amateurs. Anyway, while crossing the parking lot, my flippie flop (I'm on a boat!) slipped causing my left toes to scrape backwards on the pavement. I was so glad I didn't fall but when we got the truck my toes felt like they were on fire! As soon as we got home I inspected and sure enough my toenail is tore. That sucker is not going to stick around and then I will have ugly toes! What's a princess to do?


PJ said...

I admire your dedication. I am slacking in so many ways. I will get back on the train to photoville soonly. xo

RollerScrapper said...

Yeouch! Oddly I cut my toe on Saturday! I won't lose the nail or anything serious like yours, but I was really worried about my prospects for open toed shoes at my friend's wedding! Luckily it was all ok!

Alison said...

@PJ it's hard to play catch up, I know. My heart never seems to be into it when I am behind. I'm much more passionate when I only have to write one post. Hope you get back on track soon. You've come to far to give up now.

@RS OUCH! You can't tell from the photo OR my words but it's the toe next to my big toe. I hope I have your same luck.

motled said...

this is a weird comment i know but, you have really really cute toes. :)