Friday, October 1, 2010

Funky Fab Day!

Funky Fab Day!, originally uploaded by A!ison.

My day did not start out good. I had a terrible nightmare and could not go back to sleep. I laid in bed for over an hour. In the morning I still had the residue of the nightmare on me. I just felt... sad, frustrated, defeated. I was not myself.

Around noon my sweet newly wed friend called and we chatted for almost two hours. I loved hearing her voice and talking as if no time has passed between us. She moved out of state a year and half ago and validated a lot of the feelings I was experiencing. I just love that girl so much! After our talk I felt like a new person!

I got out this afternoon and ran an errand. The weather was the most pleasant since we moved here. I told my carrot that I must be getting use to this Florida weather because I don't even notice the humidity. I actually tuned OFF the AC in my car and drove with the windows down!! Can you believe that? Well, I only drove with them half down in fear of lovebugs entering the vehicle.

Lovebugs by the way have been minimal. For two days now there has been no swarms. Don't get me wrong, we still see them flying through the air but NOTHING compared to the swarms we were experiencing last week. Yay!

While I was driving in town I got so excited thinking that fall is arriving. It's LOOKING like fall with the sun sitting lower in the sky, casting longer shadows on everything. It's FEELING like fall with the cooler weather. And it's OCTOBER 1!!!! I can't believe the time! Do you know that I only have three more months and I will have collected a year's worth of photographs? Crazy!

When I got home from my errand I started putting together my thank you notes for my Etsy shop. What do you think of my Thank You stamp? Makes sending a quick thank you for purchases easy. Plus I get to do what I love, scrap!

While I was making the notes, I opened our back sliding glass door. Let me tell you, it was paradise. There was a breeze and I could hear neighborhood noise. You know, I have not heard neighborhood noise since moving here. It's been too hot to keep the windows open for any length of time! I was sitting there thinking how blessed I am to have a hard working husband and to live in this beautiful state among other blessings. What a change from this morning! PTL!!

To top off my day, I got a call from my carrot. TWO phone calls in one day? It's makes my heart want to burst!!


RollerScrapper said...

I checked out your shop, even though there is nothing in it, it's still so cute!

Just Cowboy Boots said...

i love the stamp. awesome cards! i can't wait to buy something so i can get one.

mo.honey said...

Wow, that is so awesome. I LOVE Etsy and think you're a perfect fit. Looking forward to seeing your business BOOM (shakalaka)!

Anonymous said...

ok...I am sooooo lost....not checking your blog for a week due to getting my dad MOVED to Arizona and I come back to Etsy????!!!! I have to tell you I clicked on it and having nothing your your page, I am more cofused than ever. You will have to tell me all about it when I see you.......soon!!!!! In the meantime, keep practicing on those breakfasts with the bacon and waffle iron!!! YUM! YSM