Friday, October 22, 2010

Gator Membership

Gator Membership, originally uploaded by A!ison.

It should be more like "Gator Old Lady". My goodness! When did I get so old?

Anyway.... this is now my lucky gator shirt because on the way to taking T.$ to the airport we spotted a gator enjoying the midday sun. Saw him again on the way home. He wasn't as big as the gator we saw at Kennedy Space Center but big enough that there was no denying him driving 65, ahem, ok more like 80mph down the freeway.

On another note, I purchased a membership to a different wholesale warehouse called "BJ's". It's just down the street from me whereas Costco is about 20 minutes away. It's definitely no Costco. They had no organic chicken, the meat section looked meager and the prices were slightly higher. BUT! The membership has a money back guarantee AND it's for 18 months (Costco is 12 months). I figure the few cents that I will pay extra at BJ's will make up for the gas I spend traveling to Costco. And when I am in dire need of a Costco-fix I can tagalong with the Greek's Wife (they just renewed). However BJ's did have a larger variety of foods. For example, I have my choice of 5 or 6 brands of yogurt where Costco I have maybe 2. We'll see how it goes. I have to say that it makes me sad to switch. I feel that getting the BJ's membership makes me less Californian. How stupid is that?