Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

I married Special K seven years ago today and for these past seven years I have whispered thank you to God every single day for giving him to me. I am one lucky gal.

2003Our wedding day

2004Christmas at Disneyland

2005Family wedding in Sacramento, California

2006Our first Easter in our new home

2007Halloween at Disneyland

Halloween at home

Mexico Cruise

Epcot this past August


mo.honey said...

I love Kelley's 2008 pirate face! LOL! The "through the years" looks is great to see. We're so blessed to know you; you are the best example of a fun, healthy and loving relationship.

mo.honey said...

Oh duh! I totally forgot to say what prompted me to comment: your wedding photo is gorgeous! I LOVE the pose, veil, dress, sunlight, and the leafy green contrasting against the innocent white. Congratulations on your 7th anniversary!!! "Itch" my @$$. :)

RollerScrapper said...

Happy Anniversary! I *love* the fact that 3 of 7 photos were at some Disney Park :)