Friday, October 29, 2010

Hot Donuts

Hot Donuts, originally uploaded by A!ison.

If the "HOT" sign is on, your car automatically drives into the parking lot, right?

After picking up T.$ and mo.honey from the airport and enjoying a nice (late) dinner, our car drove past the Krispy Kremes and took over like it was KITT or Christine. But I gotta tell ya, they taste different than I remember. Unfortunately that did not stop me from eating 1.75 of um. =(


RollerScrapper said...

Ohhhh hot now donuts! I drove by the hot now sign just days before our wedding...however the only thing that saved me was a little voice in the back of my head...special k saying "wedding!" Man I wish I had a voice like that now!

mo.honey said...