Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Neighborhood Old Lady

Neighborhood Old Lady, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I'm old and have the fear of the neighborhood boys to prove it!

See, we have a backyard that is completely open, no fence, no nothing. Behind our imaginary property line is an empty lot. It almost seems like this community's builder mis-measured, ran out of money to finish or bulldozed what was once there. Needless to say, the entire neighborhood uses this giant lot as a play field.

To a degree I do not mind this. Last weekend there were about 8 grown men and a handful of children playing football. It was a pleasing sight.

But we have no privacy We do not even control those imaginary boundaries. To everyone in this neighborhood, adult and child alike, there is no boundary.

Just the other evening I was grilling fish on the grill (which is beautiful btw Dad) while some kids were playing in our backyard/the field. A woman, who was walking up the side of my house started yelling at the kids about getting home and all that. Well this woman turned the corner and walked right towards me and the grill, made a polite comment about the smell but just kept on walking, not five feet from me, so CLEARLY she was IN my backyard. She continued to walk across my yard and back down the other side of my house!

Today, I heard the same kids playing in what sounded like my living room. Turns out they were sitting on the side of my house under the living room window, wrestling. I guess the wrestling got out of control because they almost came through my window. I ran outside and shooed them off like some scary old lady. Told them to "wrestle in their own yards!".

It wasn't too scary because today's picture is of those same boys playing in my backyard/the field about an hour later. And I don't want to seem like some yard nazi. My point being, we have a communal yard and I don't like it. And like the scratches that find my truck, the more I become aware, the more neighbors find my backyard.


Anonymous said...

oh...that would bug me badly!!!! can there be a fence there? Can you ask your landlord to put one up????? Pretty please!!!???

Anonymous said...

oops...that first comment was from me. YSM

RollerScrapper said...

Lol at least you were not shaking your broom at them like my next door neighbor used to do when she'd yell at us when we were kids!

PJ said...

Last chat I had with Amy, she mentioned this post. She loved the shot as do I. Keep up the creative photography...I dig the challenge

mo.honey said...
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mo.honey said...

[Had to rewrite my comment :) ]
Posts like this one is the reason why your blog is my fav. The sweet complexity of life captured in a blog. You're so good Alison! With your sing-song voice, bright green eyes and stylish hair-do, I can't imagine anyone thinking that you're the scary old lady on the block! T.$ and I hope your neighbors will understand your boundaries. BTW, I'm dog sick and kicked a fever I had been suffering from yesterday. Love, mo.honey

Connie R. said...

I've got a solution for you... didn't you say fireworks were legal there? HA HA HA!