Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sleepy Farmers Market

Sleepy Farmers Market, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I wouldn't say I am a morning person; I'd say I'm a sleep person. I love my sleep and even at the age of (gulp) 38, I can still sleep ten to twelve hours if I allowed myself. BUT! When I drag myself out of bed in the wee hours of the morning, I love it and always wish I did it more often. I love the mornings but I love my sleep more which is a shame because sleep is overrated.

I got up this morning when it was still dark out to get first dibs at the farmers market. The market is about 20 minutes away, 40 minutes when a gal has to stop for cash and a pumpkin coffee at Dunkin Donuts.

Stopped by my favorite pasta vendor and bought the Southwest Pasta Blend. We are having our favorite people, T.$ and mo.honey over tomorrow for some Halloween gaming and dinner so I plan to serve them this pasta with organic chicken bbq'd with a southwest rub. For all my San Diego lovies, they sell this pasta at the farmers market in Mission Valley!! If you have a chance, go check it out! The pasta is fresh, healthy, low in points (2 for 2oz.) and DELICIOUS!

Also scored some honey crisp apples from Pennsylvania. They were a $1.99 a pound which is what I'd pay for a mushy imported apple in the grocery store.

Of course I bought my staple, yellow and green squash and the best tasting mushrooms in the world! Actually TASTES like a mushroom. And just my luck, they had sun-dried tomatoes today. They go well in a salad or some fresh pasta.

All in all it was a successful trip. I love my farmers market!

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mo.honey said...

This photo is soooo pretty! And that pasta was sooooo good. Can't wait to go with you some time to Winter Park and get some for ourselves. Your dinners are the best! YUM.