Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Black Friday's GO BIG OR GO HOME


So it's the wee hours of the morning. Grab your list, ads and cash cause you're going shopping!!! Here are some last minute tips and reminders that could make or break your Black Friday shopping experience.

What to wear.
The most comfortable clothes and shoes you own. Everyone standing in line will look like they just rolled out of bed too so don't fuss over hair and make-up. Wear layers that are easy to carry. You will be hustling in those heated stores and you will break a sweat only to end up in another cold outdoor line 30 minutes later.

Purse vs. backpack vs. fannie pack
Personally, I use a backpack. This frees up both my hands and for some reason feels more secure. A fannie pack would offer the same. This year I made myself a deep pocketed apron so I will be wearing that to hold my wallet, chapstick and ads. Oh ya!

Only drink what you have time for. This is no time to be getting an extra hot venti. You need the hand. And there's no peeing in BF shopping! The only thing worse than getting stuck in checkout is getting stuck in the bathroom line. Drink responsibly!

Know your store layout.
You need to be Johnny on the Spot if you want that doorbuster! Sometimes they move items from their traditional department to a more centrally located spot in the store so ask if you can't find your item right away! Some stores pass out maps with locations of their doorbusters to people standing in line. This piece of information is invaluable!!!

Buddy System
It really helps if you can shop with a friend. Not only will it make for good company but you can tag team the entire store. If you need something in toys AND electronics and your friend needs something in toys only, you can head to electronics while your buddy picks up the item you need in toys. It's also nice to have a friend if you get stuck at checkout. One person can stand in line while the other runs to picks up those impulsive buys like cheap dvd's or novelty socks.

Arrive early.
As I mentioned before and cannot stress enough, plan on being in line 30 minutes before your FIRST store opens and at least 15 minutes in line before all the other stores open. This will ensure you stay ahead the crowd. If you fall behind at your first store, you will quickly fall behind on all the other stores.

RUN to checkout.
It all comes down to this. The faster you checkout, the faster you can get out of that store and on to your next. You wait to long to get in line and you could be saying byebye to all the other deals of the morning.

Keep to your list.
Compulsive buying is a time sink and has the potential of ruining your entire shopping experience. Get in and get out, that's the motto.

Shopping carts
Do NOT get a shopping cart. It's like maneuvering a double stroller through Disneyland. You run Forest, run through those heavily trafficked aisles to get your items!

Shop online!
I've seen a ton of retailers offer the same deals online. Personally, I love the thrill of shopping in an actual store but if online shopping is more your pace, check out the retailer's website.

BF ads early!
Check out this website for up-to-the-minute releases on Black Friday ads. It's a great tool for next year!!

I hope you have a grateful Thanksgiving and good luck Friday morning! Maybe I'll see you out there. =)


PJ said...

I love your enthusiasim! If I brave BF shopping I will let you know.

Anonymous said...

Your BF advice pages are priceless!!! Looking forward to being out there! Have a blessed Thanksgiving and will be thinking of you while we shop! ysm

RollerScrapper said...

Good tips! Happy Shopping!