Friday, December 17, 2010

A BIG Dinner

A BIG Dinner, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Went to my favorite place for dinner with my favorite people, T.$ and mo.honey. I fasted pretty much the entire day. Had blood work orders at 1:30 PM and by the time I got out of the lab I figured it was too late to have a full meal. I knew we were going to dinner and didn't want to spoil it. So needless to say, I was STARVED when we arrived at Gator's.

Two things attributed to my demise... 1.) the food tasted so good, I could not stop eating and 2.) the beer was even better. I drank two glasses before the food even got to the table and by the time my fish sliders arrived, I was so merry I was just popping food in my mouth left and right.

When we got home I was so full I thought I was going to barf. I laid down on the bed, shoes n all and fell asleep. I think I fell into a diabetic comma. That and too much Yuengling. I felt better when I heard T.$ suffered the same affliction. =)

Today's picture is of dessert, fried oreos.


RollerScrapper said...

wow that sounds divine!

Alison said...

We will go there on your next visit. (jumping up and down)

RollerScrapper said...

Ooh! I can't wait! I had some trader joe joes last night and now I'm like the cookie monster....why is it that I can go forever without wanting a cookie, but have just one and I can't stop?!