Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Hair Day

Hair Day, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Today marks the fifth hair appointment I've had with the same girl and this is the first time I'm actually satisfied with my hair. Problem is I had to reeeeeally explain to her what I wanted and I don't think she appreciated that. I loved my other hair stylist outlook... I'm a walking advertisement for her. Don't you think it's advantageous for the new girl to get my hair right? I mean, I don't even style it half the time because the cut is all wrong. What does that say to other people? "Dang, that girl's got bad hair. Won't be asking her where she gets it done!" And now that I've fully communicated to her what I want, she seemed, umm, offended. I don't want to be overly-dramatic about the situation. It's not like she was rude, I could just tell she was kinda irritated with me.

I just miss Beth. I could sit in her chair and talk to her about ANYTHING. I could go to her and say "I'm bored" and she would come up with a new fresh look for me or she would present an idea and I trusted her so much that I was always game for whatever she wanted to try. And she didn't fool around with time. We would laugh till we cried or cried till we laughed but she would never miss a beat. I was there to get my hair done and it just happened we would chat. And I was her walking advertisement. It was her priority to get my hair right.

I really love the way my hair turned out and I should be content. I don't think I'll ever find another Beth and I should just accept it.


RollerScrapper said...

cute hair!
I could never be a hairstylist...I am just not that good of a conversationalist! In fact I started doing my hair at home b/c I kept feeling awkward when the stylist and I didn't click...and it was like her asking me 20 questions and I'd give her one or two word answers and then sit in silence while my hair color set in...i wish i knew a good person to refer you to, but even if she was offended, she did a great job!

mo.honey said...

I love my stylist from SD too. Her name is Cora and works for the Aveda Lemongrass Spa and Salon in Encinitas. She's done my hair since around 2000 and she knows what I like, what I don't like and we have a natural ease of talking to each other about personal things or hair-related things and it's just easy. I can totally relate. But, Dang, the girl in that photo is totally HOT!

Lindsey said...

om goodness... I luv your sunglasses. So stylish on you!