Sunday, December 5, 2010

My Skincare

My Skincare, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I have cared for my skin only twice in my life, a few years when I was a teenager suffering from acne and now. All the rest of the time I have washed my face with a bar of soap, no special cleansers or moisturizers.

Since moving here to Florida two things have happened. I have experienced dry skin which kinda doesn't make sense because it's humid here and I've also become very aware of the lines that are sinking into my face. So I've decided that I need to be a little more proactive in managing the heath of my skin.

After much discussion with my skin-guru mo.honey, I've begun a skincare regimen and my skin has never felt better! Before I explain my routine, I will tell you that I do not have a problem with acne and have very oily skin.

I start by cleaning my face. I have not found a daily scrub that I am 100% satisfied with. Currently I am using Biore's Steam Activated Cleanser. I purchased Queen Helene's Pom Scrub and I love it but it's not intended for daily use.

I use Queen Helene's Mint Julep Mask once a week. I've written a little about here. There is nothing more close to clean than this.

On a clean face I apply Wexler's 3 in 1 eye cream. I'm dying to try this stuff!

I then apply my newest product, Philosophy Shelter. I have never been able to use a moisturizer on a count my skin is so oily but this stuff is different. It gives my skin that little bit of moisture without weighing it down or making it more oily.

So that's it. I'm sure I am just hitting the surface (no pun intended) but I'm glad I'm starting and I'm thankful for my mentor mo.honey. =)


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mo.honey said...

Aww.. that's so nice. I hope you find that Vitamin C stuff at The Body Shop in stock. That stuff is not for every day though. And, if you're interested, here is the daily scrub I use (pulled from my blog as well) --it's gentle and if you want it to work more, you just scrub longer: Philosophy The Microdelivery Exfoliating Wash and Ulta has it too

Alison said...

I might have to try that one. Thanks for all your help!