Friday, December 3, 2010

Our Christmas Village

Our Christmas Village, originally uploaded by A!ison.

I set up part of the Christmas village today! This is usually Special K's project but being in a new house, we've had to reinvent where all our Christmas decorations go. I set up this small village on the entry way sideboard and left the big section of the village to Special K. It will go on the shelves in the living room.

Christmas villages are so for people born before 1945. They're a huge waste of money and space. Half the time the handiwork on the pieces/people are shoddy. But I love having it! I can definitely tell you the things I don't like about having a village but can't really think of the reasons why I like it. I just do!


Brandi said...

I too am happy they are splitting the movie into 2..the last movie is going to be, in the words of my WOW nerdlings, EPIC!

Anonymous said...

I love my Christmas village too! It's a tradition I can't help but continue every year. It always seems more challenging to see where I can set it up w/o the cats being able to mess it up ha!

<3 PP

Alison said...

@Brandi I am too. I think people thought it was a ploy to make more money and even though I don't rule that out, I really think it was the best decision. Have you seen it yet?

Alison said...

@PP Oh my little collector... of course you have a village! =) How do you manage a tree with the cats? We were lucky with Baby Kitty... she never climbed up in it but then she was really never a climber. She loved laying under it though!