Tuesday, January 11, 2011


Buttons!, originally uploaded by A!ison.

Buttons! I had so many pretzels and kisses leftover, I figured I'd make more and pass them out at Special K's work. My Second Momma commented that she would try these out for an upcoming football game in the colors of the team they are rooting for. I thought that was so clever! Anyway, thought I'd post some hints, even though they're easy enough. Get the full recipe here.

I could not find round pretzels anywhere! So I went with my only choices, the square and the traditional crisscross. The square were much easier to handle and they did not stick to the wax paper like the crisscross did. They were also prettier. The crisscross chocolate was more distorted.

I would suggest not using cookies-n-cream kisses. I found a suggestion online that cookies-n-cream were good but I found the chunks in the chocolate made the chocolate unstable. They looked like ugly blobs of white goo.

The Hugs Kisses came out so pretty! The lines in the chocolate stayed intact.

The filled kisses are good but are made with a different kind of chocolate. The non-filled chocolate melted right away, almost to the point of liquid whereas the filled chocolate was still semi-solid. If you plan to have a few with filled kisses, make those on a separate cookie sheet so you can leave that chocolate in a little longer.

Lastly, we made "turtle" buttons. You could use Rollos or caramel filled chocolates and instead of dotting it with an m&m, use a pecan! They were DELICIOUS!

Happy Button Making!


RollerScrapper said...

You have some skillz!
Those stripey ones look divine, and I don't even like hugs! Please have special k drop them at mo.honeys office

Alison said...

I will! And these aren't contaminated. Made um yesterday before we went to dinner.

RollerScrapper said...

So yummy!