Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Celebration

We Californians do not know how to celebrate the new year. I guess that would have a lot to do with the fact that fireworks are illegal! Oh man!!! Special K and I spent the day with T.$ and mo.honey. The day before we went and bought some fireworks and collectively spent about $40. Come 8PM on New Year's Eve, we decided to shoot off a couple. Well we blew the whole $40 lot. They were so amazing and fun we just could not stop! So at 8:30 PM we drove to the fireworks stand and bought MORE. This time we collectively spent about $70!!!!

We bought fountains, fire crackers, morning glories, roman candles, tanks, a pagoda, these cool spinner thingys and "Wreckless".

At the stroke of midnight we set off our arsenal and so did every other person in Orlando. Our neighborhood was filled with people in their driveways, kids running up and down the street, the street filled with smoke. It was crazy! The closest thing I ever saw to such a spectacle in San Diego was when the Chargers won the championship in 1994 minus the fireworks of course.

The grand finale was "Wreckless". Special K set this thing off and plumes of smoke and light flew up into the sky. It must have lit off 6-8 firecrackers. When it was over the neighborhood cheered!

Not long after we could hear far off rumbles, no doubt from the amusements parks.

In the end we had 4 tanks left and decided to have a tank war. That's when Special K sustained his injury. The lighter was too hot and he could not light his fuse and so he got burned. To top it off he did not win in the tank war either. =(

mo.honey once read or heard someplace that Florida was the fifth dumbest state in America. I think it's because fireworks are legal and as I lathered in the fun of wreckless and roman candle, I felt myself become dumber. Can't wait till Fourth of July! hehe


RollerScrapper said...

Ahh a tank war!
My personal favorite is a birdcage!
It is on a string and you tie it to a stick, it spins around and sparks, and at the end it looks like a birdcage with a paper bird and strings for bars

RollerScrapper said...

Ps, next time get a package of punks, they are basically an incense stick without the smell, they burn slowly and allow you to light several fireworks without using a lighter or a match...much easier and probably safer for special k!

mo.honey said...

HAPPY FRACKIN NEW YEAR! Your photos are so awesome! THIS is why you blog. :) If anyone wants to see the vids from this crazy amazing night, here they are.