Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Special K-Con Pics!

Here are some photos from Special K-Con, this past weekend's gaming "convention". I first blogged about it here.

Here is the moment he walked through the doors and saw the first of us sitting there. It hadn't sunk in yet... don't let the smile fool you, this is a look of confusion.

Here we all are, sitting down for lunch in ORLANDO. Crazy.

I'm busting a move with the Kinect game Dance Central. To see my favorite dance, check out this You Tube video. Big D brought his Kinect and
we pretty much spent the entire weekend dancing.

They had some crazy names for all the dance moves. Here is a list of some of our favorites:
Double Dig Em, Brain Floss, The Narcissist, Fever, Jazz Squares, Keyboard Cat, Latina, Banjo, Rodeo, Hitch Hike, No Worries, Snap It In, Disco, Butt Shake, Piano, Wipe It Away, Smush, Headwrush, Say What Arms, Make Way, Dust Off, and Guitar.

Dinner... our favorite pizza Lazy Moon. Do ya think this piece if big enough?

Doing what they flew here to do, play games.

Our friends Roo and Big E were in Orlando during Special K-Con attending a convention up in Jacksonville but the conflict did not stop us from seeing each other. They stopped by for an hour or two to visit, even got Roo to dance! When they left they asked for a suggestion for dinner so we sent them to Gators along with suggestions of the best sauces for wings (their specialty). Well, a couple hours later Roo and Big E showed back up on our doorstep with orders and orders of wings, of course with the sauces we suggested. I was blown away! So here is a picture of T.$ and mo.honey eating the best wings in Orlando. Thank you Roo and Big E. It was a such an awesome treat!!

Here is the Youngest D with his case of 5-Hour energy. They were needed.

Special K has one word for something that is not good, "boring". The movie The Wrestler was "boring", exercise is "boring", Monopoly is "boring", soft serve ice cream is "boring". So T.$ had this shirt made for Special K. But the funny thing is, to Special K there is NOTHING boring about Patrick Swazye (plus Road House and this particular movie scene is an inside joke). It's such a cool gift... right on the money T.$!

When the group ate at the Waffle House they found this brick wall punk rock-like so they had a photo shoot for their next album cover. =)

Does this photo need an explanation? I think not.


Anonymous said...

What a great birthday weekend. It's nice to know how much you are loved. Love you both - Mom

RollerScrapper said...

I love the album cover! Also your friend roo is a dance central natural and a great sport! She had the jazz square down!

mo.honey said...

I will never forget how amazing KelleyCon was! Looking forward to KelleyCon 2012 already. :)

Mmmm.. Gators chicken wings.. What an amazing TREAT! Your friends are AWESOME.

And that pizza photo is Escher like -- is Kelley eating the Lazy Moon pizza or is the Lazy Moon Pizza eating Kelley?!