Friday, January 7, 2011

Special K Con

Week 1 - Special K Con, originally uploaded by A!ison.
I have had a secret for five months. It has been eating me up alive, especially these past few days. And I am so glad that as of yesterday it is no longer a secret.

Five of Special K's friends flew from San Diego to Orlando on the red-eye to surprise him for his birthday which is Saturday. "The Three D's" are staying with us while mo/T.$ took in The Captain and his bride. The Three D's are Special K's hardcore board game friends. Once every couple months they would have an all-night game marathon so they flew in for the ultimate game marathon. They are non-stop gaming till Sunday.

The crazy part is we managed to pull it off. I had to hide emails, my iPhone, groceries, a Fedex box full of board games shipped from San Diego. I lied about my whereabouts on Thursday at 6AM so I could pick up people from the airport. I hid my devious smile when he told me where he was having lunch that day. I knew that was the place where the surprise was going to take place; he thought it was just another lunch. I even got his mom in on the plan. And it all stayed contained till he walked through the door and saw everyone. He was stunned in the best sense of the word. I had warned everyone that my man was going to shed a tear in front of them all and he did not let me down.

This four-day weekend was coined Special K-Con. We even had badges designed by T.$! It's a weekend of board games, Xbox Kinect and lots of food. There's a little something for everyone. The Youngest D brought a case of 5-hour energy, I have enough food and drinks for an army and a neverending board game collection. We are not fooling around.

I have so many pictures that I want to share and will no doubt have more by the weekend's end but this one will have to do for now. This is an image of Special K amongst the ruins of an epic game called "Twilight Imperium". NINE HOURS. No lie. I told you they're hardcore.


RollerScrapper said...

I so so not have the attention span to play a game for 9 hours, well unless it is dance central :)

Anonymous said...

Am so glad that Kelley shed "love" tears for you!!! That made all of your effort (which was LOTS) worth it all!!!!! Again, happy belated birthday to Special K and so glad he had such a special time!!!! You are the woman, Al!!!!! YSM