Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Fancy Schmancy

Stopped by this place for the first time this week and let me tell you, there is nothing fancy about it. What they should have called it was "CHEAP Fruits" and put a little declaimer underneath like "The only thing not offensive is our prices!"

It smelt in there, like the inside of a taxi cab, just funky. Yes, there were flies too. The produce wasn't even stacked, they just threw the boxes up on the shelf. I never appreciated the produce man that moves the produce from the box to the shelves until now. The aisles were tiny like Trader Joes and had no rhyme or reason.

And I am so going back there... know why?

$0.49 for bananas
$1.19 for a package of mushrooms
$0.69 for zucchini
$0.20 for a lemon
$0.99 for a white onion

Also, the cilantro actually smelt like cilantro AND I found these:

I'm so tired of a bunch of bananas costing more than a box of cereal. I'm tired of paying $5 for zucchini and finding them a slimy pile of goo in two days. It's irritating that lemons, garlic and onions are in upwards of $2.99 a pound. I couldn't even *find* lemons the last time I was at the store. Bottom line, the produce here stinks and the prices are no better.

Back in July I vowed to buy local and organic (and I complained about the produce then too) but I'm having a hard time justifying the 30 minute drive and the $30 I spend each time I go to the farmer's market. "Fancy" Fruits is right down the street and I walked out spending $9.37. Now if the zucchini have a lifespan of the mayfly, I'm only out cents not dollars.


Anonymous said...

Bananas were $.69 per pound this week. A lemon was $.99 each. I bought 72 corn tortillas for $2.79 at Smart and Final. So I guess Florida was better pricing than San Diego. Good job - I am glad you found "Fancy". Mom

RollerScrapper said...

Can't wait to see a pic of a pan of enchiladas! :)

mo.honey said...

We'll have to check out Chamberlins and see if it's better. Might be fancier. ;)