Monday, February 14, 2011

The magic of flowers and Piff Poofs

Last week the Greek's Wife and I braved the Harry P Leu Gardens with her two little girls, no stroller and the constant threat of rain on the horizon.

I was dying to see all the blooming camellias the gardens boast about and the window was closing fast. The camellias will be blooming for the next couple weeks only AND admission is free the first Monday of the month so I knew if we didn't hit the free day this month, the blooms my not be on the next.

But I was victorious in convincing the Greek's Wife to go and we were both glad we went. In the end I was *slightly* disappointed it didn't rain on our heads, it would have made for a good story I'm sure.

The camellia blooms were breathtaking. I've never seen camellia bushes this big! At first I thought the bushes must have been 50+ years old but then I remembered the climate is different here and the camellias may be more vigorous. I would really like to find out how old those bushes are. Either way, they were a sight to see.

We had fun with the girls too. They picked up blooms off the ground, the youngest ate dirt and the oldest found a "Piff Poof", a wooden stick that resembled a magic wand. How cute is that?


RollerScrapper said...

Gorgeous! Sounds like the perfect afternoon!

mo.honey said...

Gorgeous photo of the piff poof and the fam in the background!

The Greek's Wife said...

I love the picture!!! Thank-you for the convincing me to go I have a feeling I know what I will be doing the first monday next month :)

Anonymous said...

Beutiful camelia!!!! Won't be able to look at any out here without thinking of your photo! YSM