Sunday, February 20, 2011

NCAA. What's that? Let's watch College Basketball!

A couple weeks ago I broke down our television entertainment methods which included us making the switch to Comcast so we could stream ESPN3 to our Xbox.

Now, I am a baseball fan through and through and was miserable last summer when I could not watch it. So when the news came that Comcast would offer ESPN3 to Xbox users, I jumped at the chance to possibly watch some baseball this Spring/Summer.

In the meantime, ESPN3 has sat idle, showing only College Basketball which I've never been interested in. But one day last week I decided to watch a game. Boredom? Curiosity? Or the simple fact that I *can*? Either way I was sucked in.

Basketball is fast moving and it's any man's game till the end. I don't understand all the penalties and fouls among other things but I love how it keeps my attention the whole time and how the coaches get dressed up in their finest suits.

I already have my favorites:

SDSU (of course!) On top of the fact it's my hometown, they are ranked #6, Go Aztecs!

University of Florida. Technically I should be rooting for University of Central Florida which is located only miles from my home but they are the Knights and UF are the Gators. Hello? Need I say more? Besides, blue and orange is way more cuter than black and gold AND UF is rated #15.

Saint Mary's. They are ranked #23. This is my purest favorite, not based on the team colors or the uniforms or the mascots or where they are from. I like the team and the coach, plain and simple. Mickey McConnell is amazing to watch and is slated for Player of the Year. I also like Young, Dellavedova and ex-USD player Jones. I just wish Clint Steindl would have his hair cut by someone other than a three-year-old.

Brigham Young, only cause I like Jimmer Fredette.

The jury is still out on either Kentucky or Louisville. 1.) It's where my dad is from and 2.) well, I don't have number two.

I can also tell you who I don't like so far:
Utah State. The head coach looks goofy and their headline player rubs me the wrong way.

Gotta go... Florida's playing LSU in 20. =)

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RollerScrapper said...

I have a friend who loves college basketball so much that she and a few friends travel to watch it every year! I can't say I have watched it at all unless it was on while we were still roommates!