Sunday, March 13, 2011

Chez Wildlife Exhibit

Our home is *the* place.... for wildlife.

Geckos (different from lizards) love to hang out in the entry way that leads to our front door. They scurry fast and have been known to jump so it's no wonder I approach the door as if it was the Well of the Souls. It appears there's a whole other posse in the backyard as well. Yes, posse. They have mad intruder skills. Last fall we had our fair share of break-ins. And today I caught this hooligan trying to get it. Yes, hooligan, completely separate from the posse. It was broad daylight, he clearly does not roll with the night crew.

Wolf Spiders. They are big and hairy and fast and they are big, really big and hairy. We must've killed a gazillion last year. We figured the house sat empty allowing for an infestation. They carry their babies on their back and THREE separate times we squashed a spider only to have a million babies fly across the room during the squashing. Sounds like horror flick I know. It was terrible. Finally killed the last one around November. Figured we had finally just gotten to them all, infestation was over. WRONG! I think it had to do with the weather becoming cooler 'cause now that it's warmer, we've had four wolf spiders visit us in the past week or so.

Snakes. Last week when the neighbor boy was cutting our grass, a snake in the grass got scared and slithered into our garage. A few days later when I opened the garage, there he was, hanging out in the crack. I tried to get the door to smush him... must've been a sight from across the street... garage door goes up a few feet, then down, up again, then down. When Special K got home we went to the garage to inspect his smushness but he was still very much alive and managed to climb in to the rubber trim of the garage door. Who knows where he is now!

How can we get the point across that they are not welcome here?

If there is one thing I've learned it's...
Always have a shoe within arms reach because those spiders are so fast, by the time you've located a spider-killing device, the sucker is gone and
never walk in Florida grass. You can drudge up bugs that bite AND run into snakes and god knows what else.

OK, that was two things.


Duane said...

OMG I just realized there is something I am scared of more than spiders -- spider babies!

If I saw a million spider babies crawling around, I'd run screaming from the house.

tylerfullerton said...

Dude, these creatures must be the previous owners of your house. Do you get their mail still?

RollerScrapper said...

good god that description was terrifying!

Alison said...

Duane - it really is THAT terrifying. Just the other day K and I were pruning a tree. He asked "does this tree have spiders?" and I said yes, but not wolf spiders. He said "Oh ok, good." ANY other spider is like a puppy compared to the wolf spider.

Alison said...

I meant to say Duane and Rollerscrapper. I'm thinking faster than my fingers.