Thursday, March 10, 2011

Clouds from the Corners

Last summer I started a Cloud Exchange because I am simply in love with the clouds here in Florida. As the clouds diminished through the changing of the season, so did my cloud exchanging posts.

Every now and then someone will text or email me a cloud that popped up in their neck of the woods. Even though I do not take the time to publish them here, I am still BEYOND overjoyed to see the sky that is above their head. As strange as it sounds, I feel connected to them (the people who send me their cloud, not the cloud itself).

This week I received two clouds and just had to share them!

Perth, Australia
"We Perthites are rather taken in by it [the cloud]... though we have had no rain, 104 - 110 each day for the last couple weeks suppose the clouds are our reward." ~The Iron Aussie

Thank you, thank you Iron Aussie, for the cloud... I wish I could have extracted a better resolution. The image in the document is just beautiful! 

Hollywood, California
I think her blog is hilariously brilliant. Go check it out.

Orlando, Florida


mo.honey said...

Yay, the cloud exchange is back! and the peasants (me) rejoice!!!

Rachel said...

Yay! I love cloud exchange!