Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My NCAA Bracket

Even though I am devastated my favorite, the St. Mary's Gaels did not make it, I filled out a bracket anyhow. I've never actually done a bracket before but then again, I never really cared for college basketball till recently.

I did not entirely choose teams blindly, I mean I have been watching! BUT, I am rooting for my home team San Diego State and my *new* home team, University of Florida. I have them both making it to the final four along with Ohio and Kansas. I'm sure Duke will upset my entire bracket but I don't care, I'm staying true to my heart. =) Of course I would love to see my home teams go head to head for the championship but I'm going to be realistic and pick who I really believe will win the national championship, University of Kansas.

Want to join ESPN's bracket tournament challenge? Fill out your bracket here.


mo.honey said...

I'm not really into college basketball but I'm a little partial to Duke because Cherokee Parks went to my high school -- I remember he gave me hugs in the hallways near the lockers. What's crazy is he has a Wiki page.. WHOA!

Duane said...

You might know this already but all the NCAA tournament games are being broadcast on the NCAA iPad/iPhone apps.

Alison said...

Duane, I did NOT know that so thanks!